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Why You Need A Website


Recently I have been asked “Why is a website so important? When I have social media.” and though I understand a lot of small business’s plight with adding one more thing to you to-do list, a website is crucial for any business large or small. As a small business we know it is crucial to take care of your time and your resources, which is why we are showcasing the 3 main reasons you need a website!

1- A website is your home for the world wide web. This is your safe haven, a place where people know will be all about you when they land there.

2- You do not own your followers, likes or comments on social media. One day those can shut down and you’re out of luck. However, a website is something you own and can scale to grow with your business. Now, we know you are not posting to your website every single day like you could be on your social media, however, when you use multiple tools you can add traction to your website and eventually to your email list to truly gain real followers that are yours and not owned by Mark Zuckerberg. 

3- In all honesty, when people find a business and they don’t have a website, one of the first questions asked is “Is this person legit?” As a small business you never want that to be a question that crosses a potential clients mind. 

With all this being said we are not saying you should shut down your social platforms to just dedicate your time to your website, as these revenues can be great assets to get people to your website which eventually can become a lead and then a client! Which is what we all want, right? A website can add legitimacy to your business and capture audiences long before they are ready to be a client. As a small business you need to truly work these platforms in conjunction to gain followers to your website and start growing your email list. We also know that adding one more thing to you to-do list and just the thought of designing your own website sounds like an absolute nightmare, worry not. We create custom packages that are truly tailored to your industry, size of your business and what goals you have. Nuevo Studio can show you how to use free tools, such as social media, to build your email list and gather true followers which can become clients! 

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