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Nuevo Studio is a modern cutting-edge design firm headed by Naoma Serna. Specializing in graphic design, branding, web design, strategy and various other creative services.


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NUEVO STUDIO IS A modern cutting-edge design firm

Headed by Naoma Serna-Zahn, a multi-award winning Graphic Designer. Nuevo Studio is a boutique studio that stands out for its International style, a trait unique to Naoma as she is bilingual and bi-cultural, with deep-rooted Mexican and Oklahoman heritage. Having being featured in multiple publications for their avant garde and modern look, we know that we can bring the right flavor of design and authenticity to your company! Find out more about the Nuevo Studio team here!


Why Nuevo Studio?


Nuevo Studio was officially founded with the goal to increase diversity in design in the state of Oklahoma. We are a collection of diverse International strategists who have spent our entire careers building strong brands and sharing customer stories through award-winning work.

Our mission is simple — to help you accomplish your design objectives, whether they are big or small.

As a Hispanic owned firm with an International focus, we pride ourselves on a client-first approach where every team member gets to thoroughly know each client. This way, we can best utilize our wealth of experience with clients of all sizes in a variety of industries. As a small agency, we can offer a level of personal service not found in larger agencies. This helps us develop a close working relationship with you, which leads to more efficient work-flows and on target strategies. We approach each client with an open mind. We listen. We ask questions. And we get to know you. Then we use our experience and expertise to develop a unique brand to best suit you and your clients!

 We know that together we can create something amazing. Check out some of our services!

So, let's start something nuevo!



Nuevo Studio brings together all the elements to make you succeed: Strategy, Concept, Quality Design, and Problem Solving. By combining all of these elements we give you a brand that truly represents you, so you can better serve your clients! 


We run what we like to call an “Open Conversation Studio” where you can feel completely free to express your opinion without a sense of judgment. We are here to make you look good and to feel confident! To accomplish this, we need to have a circle of trust where we can both feel confident in our project together. We succeed when your brand succeeds!




The Nuevo Studio Portfolio ranges from package design to logo work. Our goal is to treat each client one on one and not have a formula. Trust us, we love systems but creating something tailored perfectly to fit each client is our jam!


If you'd like to read about our process, click here.