Nuevo Studio
Let's start something nuevo.


Nuevo Studio is a boutique branding studio based out of OKC.


nuevo studio is a boutique branding studio based out of Oklahoma city.



Nuevo Studio brings together all the elements to make you succeed: Strategy, Concept, Quality Design, and Problem Solving. By combining all of these elements we give you a brand that truly represents you, so you can better serve your clients! 

How do we do it?

We run what we like to call an “Open Conversation Studio” where you can feel completely free to express your opinion without a sense of judgment. We are here to make you look good and to feel confident! To accomplish this, we need to have a circle of trust where we can both feel confident in our project together. We succeed when your brand succeeds!

 We know that together we can create something amazing.

So, let's start something nuevo!



Our Team


Naoma Serna-Zahn


Naoma is a multi-award winning Graphic Designer, originally from Mexico. Moving here for university, she received a B.A. in French Literature and Culture as well as a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Naoma is currently the President of Oklahoma's AIGA chapter. Her passion for community and quality design shine through in the multiple events she has worked on with AIGA. Her mission is to revitalize a creative community in OKC and to support her board and members with this journey.

Traveling and good food are major propellers of her creativity. She enjoys traveling with her husband and good friends. Naoma believes that travel expands horizons and enhances the creative eye. Her sense of travel and adventure doesn't just stop at the stamps in her passport. She brings culture and understanding into her design process. Naoma is always pushing the boundaries of design to create everlasting brands; brands that tell a story.    


lauren mayhew

Freelance Graphic Designer

Lauren is a native Oklahoma graphic designer and illustrator. Though she is the quiet one in the office is is one the most talented designers who has won over eight design awards, and many of those she received before graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with her B.F.A. in graphic design. Lauren is well known for her illustration style as well as her knowledge of typography. She loves a good challenge and is always ready with refreshing ideas. 


Breah kenney

Copy Writer

Breah is an aspiring author who began writing at the age of eight. She’s passionate about molding words to form art on paper. Her writing endeavors include, blogs, short stories, and poetry. She finds the most inspiration for her musings in travel, family, photography, and reading with the belief that a hunger for knowledge is the greatest adventure you can have. Breah graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a B. A. in Applied Liberal Arts. Breah's words are what keep us going!


Pilar Guarddón Pueyo

Project Manager

Pilar, or "Pili" for short, is Nuevo Studio's project manager. She ensures everything is working smoothly and that things are getting done. Originally from Tenerife (Canary Islands - Spain), she moved to the United States to pursue her B.A., which she received in Spanish Literature & Culture, from the University of Central Oklahoma. After years of analyzing books, she discovered her true calling for organization. Pili is a problem solver that is always three steps ahead of most people. This makes her a great asset to the Nuevo Studio team. 


Marian Moore

Studio Photographer

Originally from Mexico Marian moved to Oklahoma to pursue a marketing and creative media degree. She likes traveling and learning. She began her journey through photography as her hobby at the age of 15, Marian enjoys showing the beauty, grace and strength of people. She is patient and friendly, with optimistic goals. She specializes in candid photography and make our vision come to life.