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TEDx Oklahoma City - Motion Graphics

Nuevo Studio designed the branding and visual identity for Aguilar Kennedye Law Firm in Oklahoma City. Creating a logo for this amazing immigration attorney was amazing. The eagle is a symbol of her last name, Aguilar, and holding the olive branch represents peace. The combination of the two represents the freedom of what it feels like to be a US Citizen.


tedx oklahoma city

Playing off of the idea of “Why Not?” from Russel Westbrook, TEDx Oklahoma City curated a panel of speakers that inspired the attendees to look around their local community and work on fixing issues at a community level based on collaboration, pioneering, and overcoming obstacles.


The Project

In partnership with TEDx Oklahoma City we created the motion graphics to promote the event as well as the videos to introduce each speaker the day of the talk. Utilizing the well established branding of TEDx and combining the well known icons of our city, Oklahoma City, our team created a powerful combination of “Why Not?”

Creative Director + 3D Sculptor: Haley Spradlin