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Marian Genevieve Photography - Branding

Marian Genevieve Photography Identity design created by Nuevo Studio in OKC.


Marian Genevieve Photography

Marian approached Nuevo Studio for a logo for her new business, architectural and travel photography. She needed a logo mark that would be versatile in a branding suite as well as to live digitally and on top of her photos.


The Objective + Challenges

Develop a logomark that could be versatile for the various forms of photography she produces. This design needed to reach her older and younger clients while still looking sophisticated.

The Solution

Nuevo Studio designed a logomark to establish our client in the photography world. Specializing in travel and architecture photography, we used the base of geometry to hint at the lines being used in architecture. The green mixed with the gold provide a higher end quality to the work she produces. We created a pattern for her branding suite based off the logo to ensure branding consistency while still looking fresh.