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Freelance Guide

Freelance Guide E-Book

Freelance Guide E-Book


Have you been thinking about freelancing or maybe you already are, and are looking for some advice on selling yourself and keeping clients, does this sound like you? If so, this guide is for you!

This guide covers things like how to actually get your freelance business set up legally, to learning how to price yourself and so much more.

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Are you wanting to get your freelance game on point? May be you’ve been doing some stuff on the side but are wanting to quit that 9-5 and do your own thang! This E-book is a great starter to get you going. In this guide I go over the processes of setting up your business legitimately to tricks on landing clients I’ve learned in the past three years.

This guide walks you through how to showcase your value, tips on nailing that pitch and therefore closing more clients… which means more money!