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Graphic design is a wide subject and finding the right graphic designer is a challenge. Here we answer the most common questions people ask us before starting to work with Nuevo Studio.


Frequently asked questions

Working with people you don’t really know can be scary! We get it, here are a lot of questions we get asked.


“Do I get to be involved in the project?”

We love having the client involved, we run what we call an “open-conversation studio” where you can feel completely comfortable expressing your opinion and vice-versa. The last thing we want is to give you one single idea and take your money and never see you again! We love building up our clients and their business... we develop a close relationship with you, because if your business succeeds we are succeeding. Our phases of the process are heavily reliant on your providing feedback and vice versa to ensure we are completing this project in a timely manner.


“What is your branding process like?”

Branding is such a beautiful thing, it is essentially clothing your business. Our branding project starts with a discovery period, where we get to know you, your business, your mission, and what makes you unique. Once we narrow all that down and you answer our branding questionnaire we develop a creative brief and a loose timeline that we both approve before moving forward. 

From there we do a ton of research, what are people in LA doing, what are people like you in NYC doing, what is Tokyo coming up with?  Who is your competition? What makes you different from them? Who is your target audience? We answer all these questions in our research phase. 

Once we have that completed we develop 2-3 initial concepts to match our creative brief. Each of these ideas are concept based and have meaning and feeling behind them. 

From here we move forward with one idea to finalize colors, secondary, and tertiary logo marks, as well as building out collateral pieces. 


“What makes a good client a great client?”

Trust. We know starting a graphic design project can be scary, especially if you have been burned before. We just want them to know that we truly have their best interests at heart and do not intend on making things for our portfolio, but to truly speak to their audience and build them up.


What if I hate the result?”

This is the biggest scare of taking on such a massive project that is a really big deal to your company. Here is the good news, we have never gotten to the end of a branding project and hear the words “I hate this.” Our process is so thorough and you are so involved that we are able to catch hiccups before we do all the work. This is why having that “open-conversation studio” concept is so important to Nuevo Studio. We never want to give you something you hate, or dislike, we want to give you something that works for you and your clients which is why the discovery phase and creative brief are so important. 

Our feelings do not get hurt, this is business and we get it. So expressing concerns or opinions earlier on in the branding process is better for the both of us to ensure we are both on the same path!


“What if I just need you to help me analyze my current brand?”

One of our pet-peeves is when other designers tell you to scrap your whole brand. We offer branding consultations where we come in and do a S.W.O.T. analysis of all aspects of your brand, afterwards I give you a detailed to-do list. You are welcome to hire another designer, do it yourself or hire us to accomplish this. If you hire us we take the consulting fee and put it towards your deposit.


“How did you learn you skills?”

The Nuevo Studio design team all have a B.F.A. in graphic design and have over 8 years of combined experience. We have worked with major Fortune 500 corporations to solopreneurs starting their ventures out of coffee shops!


“You are a bit out of my budget, but I want to work with you? Is there anything you can do to help me?”

Our dream would be to help everyone. However, we know that cash is a very real thing that we all have to deal with. We could do a consultation where I come up with what needs to happen for you and your business and you can hire someone at a lower rate or do it yourself. If this revolves around branding, we offer a services called, Branding Blocks, where we do our discovery call and we create a guide to your brand that still needs to hit your demographic and your ideal client without out branding fee. We essentially give you the blocks to make your own brand and a guide of what to do to remain cohesive. Click here to book your 30 min branding blocks call.


“Do you offer payment options?”

Of course! 90% of our clients are small businesses or non-profits so we understand the ins and outs of cash flow. We offer various payment options depending on the package you choose. We typically require 25% up front for larger projects or 50% for smaller ones and then cut up the payments until the project is completed.


“How do we start?”

 Jump on a free 15-minute discovery call  to hear more about your business and your design needs. From there if we both feel we are a good fit, we will send you a proposal that fully expresses our process, investment, and showcases samples of our work.