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Edmond Women's Club - Branding

The Edmond Women’s Club branding designed by Naoma Serna-Zahn with Nuevo Studio. The concept is the coming together of community while having the strength of the hexagon!


Edmond women’s club

The Edmond Women’s Club approached Nuevo Studio in need of a new ever green brand for their club that is charity focused. 


The Solution

We developed a brand that represented their love of helping their community. The logo denotes the strength in coming together as one as well as the shape of the hexagon, which represents the strongest shape in nature. Combining feminity and their values without deterring men from donating to their causes is what this brand represents.

The Objective

The Edmond Women’s Club needed a brand that could be used through the years, yet still flexible for all of their events and fundraisers needed. 

Knowing that their primary audience are women and knowing that there has recently been a shift in their member numbers and their demographic, we needed to create something ever green that truly embodied the values of the Edmond Women’s Club.