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Denara Manning - Branding

Branding created for pro-education teachers running for office in the state of Oklahoma. These designs were given as an in kind contribution to help our great state truly become great!


The Client | The Story

With our state politicians showing their true colors in the year of 2018 and trying their best to shut down the people. Our founder, Naoma Serna-Zahn, had enough. She donated her time to any teacher willing to run against unopposed seats for the upcoming term. We had the amazing opportunity to work with Denara Manning, a teacher from Santa Fe High School that had decided to take a stand and run for office. 


The Solution

Nuevo Studio crafted a modern take on political logos, making Denara's logo clean. The typefaces used are clean and strong to represent her frankness to the people. The sound waves out of the "M" represent the sound of her voice coming from her fellow Oklahoman's, this also represents sound waves which indicate her willingness to listen to her constituents. 


The Objective

Denara Manning is the voice of the people. We needed to create a logo that would be recognizable, solid, yet still professional. Though she is a teacher, her strengths are in politics and truly wanting to represent her fellow Oklahoman's unlike some of our political officials.