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Cut It Foward — Branding

Nuevo Studio designed the branding for Cut It Forward a non-profit based in Oklahoma City. Inspired by culture and problem solving we developed a visual brand to enhance the values behind Cut It Forward.


Cut it Forward

Cut it Forward is a non-profit based out of OKC, their mission is to deliver education, services and products to African American youth in foster care. By opening their doors and creating certifications to ensure barbers and salons are trained to deal with the skin and hair needs of these youth and place where their foster parents can feel comfortable. After much research they found that skin and hair issues can major barriers for foster children as well as youth in need of adoption. Their plan is to change that and educate our community so we can break down these barriers, together.


The Solution

We developed a new logo that's modern and readable. The tri-braid represents the three areas of their focus 1)Education 2)Services 3) Products. This also has a representation to the African American culture of bonding through braiding hair. The colors selected represent joyful and healing.

The Objective

Cut It Forward approached Nuevo Studio for a brand that would match their mission and goals with this new non-profit.