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Asian Night Market Festival - Campaign

Branding and collateral pieces designed for the inaugural Asian Night Market Festival. The colors represent luck and luxury in Asian cultures. This event needed to entice a younger crowd to the asian district, this is the reason for its fresh modern design.


The Client

The Oklahoma City Asian District Cultural Association is a non-profit that seeks to promote the district to the communities through cultural events, marketing, and activities that spans a wide range of people by engaging the neighborhood and community to develop an appreciation for cultural diversity with art and culture. This association works on cultivating relationships with communities, districts, and the City of Oklahoma to improve the livelihood of the Asian District. All while empowering the younger generation of Asian Americans with the multicultural community to preserve and appreciate their heritage.


The Objective

The Asian District Cultural Association approached Nuevo Studio to develop a theme that best represented a design for their inaugural Asian Night Market Festival. The design required to encompass many different cultures from Asian and be enticing to the other communities in Oklahoma City. This association loves to share their heritage and culture with the city and this festival was a great opportunity to show the diverse nature of this district. 

The Solution

We developed a look and feel that could be versatile and evergreen for this non-profit. Our mission was to entice the younger generation as well as other communities that were not very familiar with the Asian District. The images used highlight the various activties, food, and performances that will be showcased at the festival as well as representing the balmy breezes of summer evenings in OKC. The colors represent night and grandeur.