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The Difference Between Charging $ and $$$$


Following a lot of online forums for entrepreneurs I see this question come up quite a bit. “Why am I not closing clients?” Or “Clients are just ghosting me after going through part of my process” and my favorite “Why am I not getting the clients I want?” And for the most part it boils down to one answer: Your value. 

Either you are not selling it, showcasing it, or people aren’t getting what you actually do for them. Here are our 4 tips to help you showcase your value. 

1— Website

Does your website look a little rickety? Or like it was made a few years ago and then completely forgotten about? This could tell clients a few things:

1- I don’t know what I am doing

2- This business is a side-thing, so I will not prioritize you. 

These feelings all boil down to Trust. Can a client trust you to get the job done, in a timely manner, or are you going to run away with their money. 

This is especially true if you are in a creative business. A creative business already has the struggle to sell their business and their value to people who are not in a creative industry. So making your website look old, tired, and not professional is not helping you. You can read more about some website mistakes you could be making here.

2— Social Media Presence

Is your social media all over the place? I am not solely talking about your business presence but your personal profile too, especially if you do not have certain privacy settings. People can tell a lot about your social media, if you haven’t posted in months it can strike a cord of fear in a potential client, if you are posting things that do not always relate to you or your business or heaven-forbid you post stolen content without it being properly credited this can tell your potential client that you may still be figuring it out or aren’t serious about your business. Which adds to the trust issue again. Make sure you profiles are attracting the type of work/clients you want to do. This is also a place to show a bit more of your personality. People want to connect with people not an LLC.

3— First interaction

If you’ve done the first two things well you will be getting to this stage a lot quicker. 

The first impression is hard to make up. If you meet a client in person it is so much better, however, you also need to be very careful of your time. Or you could do what I was doing in the beginning and meeting all of these people and only be closing about 10% of them. I wasted so much time and money talking about people’s goals or shall I say “dream” when they hadn’t even actually started a business. 

So we jumped on the discovery phone call band wagon. Here is the important thing, be upfront about time. Everyone is busy including yourself. We keep our discovery calls to 15 min. This allows the client to truly explain what they do or what they are looking for and for you to analyze to see if you will be the right fit for them. 

Typically from these calls I watch for red flags and ultimately figure out if we are a good match. If we are we send them a proposal within two business days. If they are not a good fit, we send them some of our favorite freelance contacts so that they can help this client.

4— Proposals 

This is where you can showcase your value from your 15-min discovery call. Our proposals go into detail about our process, our timeline, we show certain case studies that would pertain to this client. We do this to add trust for this client. We also showcase some of the previous clients we have worked with and awards we have won. When we started adding this process of discovery phone calls to in depth proposals our closing rates went from 20% to 80%! 

This is just the tip of the iceberg in how we show our value to potential clients, but these are easy to start implementing. Take a weekend to clean up your social media and plan for the next month. Spend some time going through your website and taking things off that do not instill trust or expertise. Look up questions to ask during your discovery calls, ask peers what red flags they look for. Learn to systematize your proposals and to beef them up. Once you instill trust and show a potential client that you can handle their business you will start seeing a difference in the type of client that you attract as well as the type of clients you start to close.