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Favorite Workflow Apps


Running a business, keeping a house in order, answering people back, spending time with your family, enjoying your life as a solo-preneur is well.. time consuming. Especially if we are not organized! 

The good thing is, is that Nuevo studio is run by a type A personality type that love creativity. Which is why our studio is hyper organized. We can find a client file that dates back two years within 1 minute. How do we do this? Systems and apps. If you want to know more about how I keep it all together, click here.

We run Nuevo Studio on the basis of these 8 apps. (And no we aren’t not getting paid to talk about all of them.. yet!)

1- Asana! This is where we know what is happening, what has happened, what needs to happen and who dropped the ball and when it was dropped. Don’t get us wrong we don’t run our studio like the Nazi’s we are way more about team collaboration.. so if I see one of our designers plate is full I can delegate stuff to other team members, etc. This connects to our google cal where we put important due dates but truly this is used for internal use to know what we all need to be doing and when stuff needs to get done by. We even put the small stuff in, yep, I 100% believes in writing it all down to ensure we don’t forget anything. 

2- Slack! This is how we communicate, with our team, especially since I’m constantly traveling and lets admit it sometimes its too cold to go outside so we work from home, so we use slack to feel like we are all in the office together. We create channels per client so we can find all the info there. This helps keep us organized and has a fast response time since we can download the app on our phone. This way we can get critiqued or discuss timelines without having to be in the same time-zone!

3- Dropbox! If you are still saving things on hard drives and backing them up and have a bin full of external hard drives, you are in the Middle Ages as far as we are concerned. Don’t get us wrong, back ups are awesome but dropbox allows us to access files from around the world, hello cloud we love you! We have dropbox business so that the weight of the files doesn’t load on to our personal ones and take up our space. Dropbox business allows us 3 terabytes of workable space, which is plenty for us! We keep our folders hyper organized with acronyms per client + a numbering systems so we can find the exact thing we need when we need it.

4- Spark! - This email app allows us to schedule emails, so it doesn’t look like we are working all hours of the day. 

5- Harvest - Tracking our time is important. This allows us to see how much type we are spending per project, per client to see if we are loosing money anywhere or if we need to raise our prices. 

6- Freshbooks! - talk about accounting you want to look at! Freshbooks allows us to send invoices, accept credit cards, automatically sends late invoice reminders, track time, and track expenses! (affiliate link)

7- Google cal - obviously! We schedule meetings and send invites to other clients to ensure we both know where we need to be and at what time ( tip- I also send out agendas prior to meetings so we both know what we are going to discuss to ensure our meetings stay under an hour.)

8- Square Appointments - This is how we schedule and accept payments for our consulting and branding blocks creation services. This is amazing because square does all the leg work for you so I can just accept the appointment and look forward to talking to you about your brand or to get your branding blocks going! (affiliate link)

All of these combined allow Nuevo studio to run smoothly, even when some of us are across the globe or too lazy to leave our house.