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Why Traveling is a Key Value to Our Company


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– Augustine of Hippo 

Why is traveling so crucial to the Nuevo Studio philosophy? Because it entices curiosity. It truly is that simple.

Design doesn’t just appear out of thin air (though most think it does) it comes from experience, knowing, understanding, research, and curiosity. So who are the one which create amazing designs? The insatiably curious ones. The ones who strive to understand more of the world, know more of different paths, understand cultures, history, etc.

This is one of the reasons I chose design as a career, I wanted the opportunity to communicate creatively to different fields, being able to learn about different industries and people. Curiosity lead me to design, and while this is incredibly thrilling and fulfilling for me, it can also be very draining. Everyday there is a new challenge and something new to learn. So the need to disconnect and reconnect with yourself as a designer or creative, in general, is what I believe to be crucial. 

There are many ways to disconnect and everybody has their own best method, some people meditate, read books, spend every single Sunday with their family, or take hot baths on Friday night with a bottle of wine… I travel.

Traveling is not just a hobby for me. It is a way of life.

Do not get me wrong all those other ways work and everybody has their own way to unwind but I get a bit stir crazy if I stay in OKC for more than 6 months… And it’s not OKC’s fault. I have grown up as a nomad. I cannot recall living in one place more than 5 years during my childhood. Which has helped me immensely… I have learned to read people, make new friends, adapt to surroundings, and learn new things (willing or unwilling)

So Travel and moving around is practically part of my DNA. It is a must in my life.

However, when I told people I was leaving for Asia for a month, the first question people asked me was “What about your business?” What about it? I’m not shutting down, Asia also has wifi, I will just be less available to my clients. Don’t get it twisted, it was a bit insane the few days leading up to my departure but I gave my clients plenty of notice and have an amazing team that are helping Nuevo Studio run smoothly back home. (shout out to them! <3)

But lets go back to this question: “What about your business?” There seems to be this stigma around people who run their own businesses: they must be busy 100% of the time and must only breathe, eat, sleep their business. Don’t get me wrong, I believed that for a while myself. But what we do here at Nuevo Studio is truly develop lasting brands and that takes a lot of creative juice. We cannot achieve those brands if we do not replenish ourselves and take care of our mental well being.

So I travel, I travel for myself, for my business and for my clients and future clients. 

Traveling reminds you to keep your ego in check. Traveling reminds you of the things you truly need. Traveling reminds you that laughter and good food cross all language barriers. Traveling is humbling.

To be successful in business, design, or whatever you set your mind to you need to have a balance of ego and humility. Be willing to learn new things and not take everything at face value, to learn from others and see things in different lights. Traveling does that for us, which is why it is such a major part of the Nuevo Studio philosophy. We encourage you to follow your curiosity, whether that’s in your back yard, the next town over, across the world or at Grandma’s house. Disconnect to reconnect.

What helps you disconnect and reconnect to yourself?