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We Have Launched a Shop!

NHS-Oh Kay See-Peach-Mockup.jpg

Here at Nuevo Studio we are firm believers in Community over Competition, and we especially love collaboration. Over a year ago we met our friend, Chris Cox, from The House OKC while working for the Asian Night Market Festival. That festival brought us together and we started chatting and meeting up for coffee to discuss business, things happening in OKC, and just figuring stuff out. On a sunny day in April, Chris approached us with hopes to collaborate. We were excited but a bit slammed with client work and the dreaded taxes.


However, over the summer we all started brainstorming on what would be fun to do. We were hitting the edge of burnout and knew that that lifestyle was not sustainable. We needed something to re-energize us.

So we have been brainstorming, creating, laughing and sometimes light fighting over ideas. It’s been fun to create for creation and creativity. So with this, we are super excited to announce our new collaboration with Chris and his crew. We now have a store, where you can buy some of our fun summer creations. Click here to get 15% off your first purchase! 

Expanding a business is fun, a lot of work, but having a collaborative environment where we treat ourselves as the client was such a fun experience. So, what are you waiting for, go get your own limited edition Nuevo Studio + The House OKC swag.

We also created some extra nice stuff for the Bella SPCA Foundation! 50% of all profits go to them!


Have ideas of what else you’d like to see? Send us an email!