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Packing For A Trip When You're An Entrepreneur


One of the reasons I started Nuevo Studio was so I could travel more. (Read our blog on traveling as one of our core values here) However, travel has changed quite a bit since starting a business and doesn’t look or feel as carefree as it used to be. Now, the stress is pretty much at its all time high the two weeks leading up to trip and while I’m off exploring I am not totally unplugged. 

So how does one travel to move around quite a bit but still stay connected to the business and the team back home. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned:

1- Schedule all your meetings the second to last week before you leave, so you still have time to clarify anything, time to delegate tasks in your project management software, time to fix any hiccup before jetting off.

2- Have a solid team! Duh! I have an amazing team of women that truly allow me to do my job to the best of my ability!

3- Have systems in place, I truly cannot stress this enough fro any business. Not having systems in place makes everyday a tornado chaos day, and no one wants to live day to day like that. (Read my article on systems here) 

4- Use a booking systems so while you are gone people can still book a meeting with you right when you get back in town. This does take time training your clients but makes coming back so great as I already have the first two weeks booked with meetings and consultations right when I get back so our flow doesn’t break.

5- Get business insurance just incase anything happens while traveling you are totally covered! 

6- Pack light, seriously I take a carry on everywhere and absolutely hate checking a back. I stick to a 3-4 color palette so all my clothes match each other and can be swapped out to create more outfits. I also typically pack knits that won’t wrinkle.. no need to look like a hot mess even if your brain is kind of a hot mess. I typically lay everything out on my bed before packing it and take 1/3 of it out and put it back.

7- Power up your devices including charging banks before heading out. I try to use as much “free time” while traveling as possible to continue working so my team and I don’t get behind.

8- Get T-Mobile (this is not an ad) I love my phone plan because I can go to anywhere in the world and not get charged extra international or roaming fees. Yes, my internet may be a bit slower in Thailand than in the US but I have internet that I am not paying an arm and a leg for so I can stay in contact with my team via slack (also not an ad) 

9- Get a great and discreet backpack for your computer. I have one that has a charger on the side and is knife resistant so it cannot be sliced up when Im in heavily touristy areas. 

10- Discuss weekly meeting times with the team and ensure those are blocked off, these help the team still feel connected and that we are all still working and getting stuff done.

So there you have it, how I leave the country twice a year while still running a business. It’s all about systems and keeping it simple. Trust me, you will not be wearing stilettos on the cobblestones of Mexico and you will be sorry if you left your power bank at home.