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Articles to help female entrepreneurs navigate the trepid waters of entrepreneurship. You can find advise from how to increase your productivity to figuring out if rebranding is something you should consider! Take a gander. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Do You Need To Rebrand?


Getting caught up in the business comparison game is like trying to not be tempted by chocolate when you are staring at it. We all do it, and if you say you don’t… well ok Pinocchio. However, this comparison game can end up dangerous to your business. Don’t get me wrong, totally believe in research and seeing what your competition is doing but what really matters is what you are doing and how you are best serving your clients! They are who you want to impress, not another designer, not another photographer.. let them do their thing, you be you.

So… I run across this all the time, especially in facebook groups. “Help! I need to rebrand!” and then we have a thread of over 100 people commenting trying to get the job. This is what I recommend.

Step back! - Ask yourself this: Am I asking for this because so and so has 15K followers and her website looks like this? Am I wanting a rebrand because I’m tired of looking at my logo and I see all these other cool logos? I just want to switch it up.. just cuz.” - Honesty time, did you answer yes to any of these questions. If so, you may not need a rebrand, just a tweak, a refresher. I refer to this as flipping the mattress. You know, maybe we don’t need to buy a whole new house with a new bedroom and new furniture, maybe we just need to flip the mattress and spruce up and move the furniture around a bit to get that sense of newness back. If this is where you are, you don’t need to re-brand. You may need to do a SWOT analysis of your brand and see what needs to be “Donated” and what we need to get new. This means the bones of your brand are good, we don’t need to demolish it all.

Now, maybe the bones are bad and the foundation is cracked. Help! If you answer yes to these questions it is definitely time for a rebrand or larger brand overhaul. Are clients saying they have a hard time finding you online? Are the people approaching you not really your ideal client? Do you have people that are sticker shocked when it comes to your prices, even though you have more experience or have received accolades to reflect these prices? If you answered yes to these questions, maybe we need to look at a brand overhaul.

At Nuevo studio, we do not believe in selling you what you don’t need. We know plenty of designers who will always say “Yes, you need to rebrand!” so they can create a new thing for you or get money out of it but that doesn’t help you or them, if you have never worked with a designer and have no idea how it should operate click here to find out more about choosing the right designer for you. 

Getting caught up in the appearance game of entrepreneurs is too easy. While its good to see what the competition is doing, you need to remind yourself that you aren’t pitching to them, they are not your clients! Having your brand do a yo-yo-ing of changing every 4 months or every year is horrible for your business. People develop brand loyalty and if you keep changing the look and feel of your business it will be hard to have that foundation for people to become loyal to you. 

It is too easy to get caught up in the follower number game and so and so is doing whatever. That does not matter! Keep your clients and potential clients in mind first before uttering the word “rebrand.”