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Articles to help female entrepreneurs navigate the trepid waters of entrepreneurship. You can find advise from how to increase your productivity to figuring out if rebranding is something you should consider! Take a gander. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

How Do I Do This Business Thing?


After multiple texts, emails and facebook messages asking me for tips on how I started my business in design and after multiple coffee dates or breakfast meetings, or talks over wine I decided to develop a workshop where I would talk about how to legit get from A to B and learn to keep going when starting a business. I debated this for 3 months, after finally getting a bit fed up with the texts saying “Hey, can I pick your brain about starting business” and then seeing people do nothing with the info I gave them.. I was on the verge of throwing this whole idea away. 

Then the thought of failure started to sink in.. as it typically does. Questions like: “Do you even know what you’re doing?” “I’m not successful, look at blah blah blah place and what they’re doing.” and my personal favorite “What do you even know? You are just winging it all the time!” Who else feels like that? So, I faced those fears and answered every single one of those questions made up by me to doubt myself… 

1- Yes, I do know what I am doing, and if I don’t… I have google. Hello modern world!

2- Success is measured in various ways, I’ve been running an agency for a year and I love going to work everyday… so yes, I am successful in my book! 

Question 3 was the hardest one to face, so I wrote down everything I had learned since starting a professional career, to freelancing, to starting an agency.. and I found out I knew a lot. Like a lot! I just get so bogged down by what other people may think or put myself down before other people even could get a shot. So I did it. 

I developed the workshop and as I sat in coffeeshops on weekends writing down all of the content and all of the lessons learned I kept thinking… “Man, I wish I would have had these 12 pages when I first took the leap.” To just spend two-hours of my time on a Saturday and have someone fill my brain with directions of everything I needed to do to get the wheels turning for a new businesses. So, I developed this workshop for a future me out there. 

My freelance guide has everything from how to legit start your business to why having business insurance is important, to learning how to sell yourself, and so much more. This guide contains the lessons I’ve learned since dealing with rejection (click here), the multiple books I’ve devoured, the podcasts that are constantly playing in my car, you can ask our designer Lauren, to the articles I read on my phone over my breakfast in the kitchen. I am a major learner and know that I do not know everything but I want to. I also believe in community over competition so come on to my workshop where I will teach you everything I know and even give you a behind the scenes look at how I run my business as well as answer any questions you may have regarding business, design, and travel… and, if I don’t know it, I will look it up! My greatest asset in building a business is my curiosity, so come learn all the things I’ve learned or buy my guide here if you aren’t within driving distance of OKC.