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Need Help Finding the Right Designer?


Let me just lay this out, finding the right designer that you jive with is one of the best things you can do for your business. Wanna know why? Because they can become your business bestie or your business enemy. Thats it. 


You want to find a designer that has your goals, your budget, and your values in mind. That doesn’t mean they have to have the exact same personal values as you but business … 100% yes. This is important! You do not want to work with someone who has your same goals and values in but wants to sell you on all this high-end printing materials, which can blow your budget out of proportion. Blown out budget is a great way to become enemy numero uno. Now, this cant be all the designers fault, you have to communicate your budget. As a designer, I would love it if someone told me there is no budget, make all your dreams come true…. But this only happens in dreams or if coca-cola ever hits me up. (Throwing that out there) But lets be real! You cannot have an unlimited budget, so come to a designer with a budget in mind and openly discuss it. If they seem to push the budget boundaries too much without real explanation.. not a good fit. 

I know there are some cute designers out there that make rad stuff, will they be able to create something that focuses on your clients and your needs? This is a good way to keep you in check too. Are you wanting the hand drawn flowers because you like them or will it really fit your target audience. If you are trying to sell a product to both men and women, maybe having extreme feminine touch is not a good thing. The best way to get around this, is finding a designer who is versatile, one who can create the whimsical feel and create modern sleek unisex designs. Scour their portfolio or just ask, do you have a certain style you work in? They will tell you.


When approaching a designer trust your gut — this really goes for anything. Do they seem flakey? Are they taking forever to get back to you? Have they not emailed when they told you they would, these are warning signs. If they cant email you back in a timely fashion, can they accomplish the project in a timely fashion? If you don’t know them personally try to get on a phone call or meet for coffee (I always have a 15 min discovery call and if it seems we are a good fit we def try to meet in person or over Skype or something) you want to see a face and hear a voice of someone you are entrusting your brand or website to. You usually get the feeling in the in person meeting or call if they seem “off”

Let me just say this, coming from a designer, the more questions you have prepared the more likely I am to like you because you seem genuinely interested. You need to understand that sometimes a design profession is not taken seriously and people expect us to do a lot of things for free or for “exposure” so if we come off a bit blunt in the beginning is because we have to make sure you aren’t wasting our time or wanting free consulting from us. Please don’t be one of those people hoping to get stuff done free for good exposure, it automatically puts you on many designers black lists— and we talk. However, when someone has questions in mind and has never worked with a designer before I get so excited, not just for me or the project, but for them and the amazing things we can accomplish together. Because when you look good, we look good! If you want more insight on what questions I love being asked by potential clients, click here, this may help you find the best designer for you and your business. 

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