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Embrace Rejection in Your Business


Rejections is one of those things you face when building a business, scaling the corporate ladder, or just trying to pursue a different career. It also has incredible power, a power that can shake your beliefs, that makes you doubt your decisions, it can be the thing that sparks the fire which ignites your fear. We have all come across fear. 

However, since starting a business, I’ve had to deal with a lot of rejection. And did I take it personally. There were many nights where I wanted to quit and just go back home or go back to my old college job of slinging lattes. I had dreams of just making coffee all day and not have all the worries weighing me down. That’s the easy way out. Rejection is the mirror you hold up and truly start to see all those imperfect details you have. It can be haunting. But it can also be freeing. 

You may be thinking I’ve lost my mind, but rejection is one fo the best tools I have used to grow my business. Rather than shying away from it, I attack it head on. Rejection has the power for you to truly learn more about yourself and your business. Learning to spin rejection as a learning opportunity has enabled us to learn why we didn’t get certain clients or why we weren’t even considered for a project. Therefore allowing us to pivot our approach according to the feedback. Since embracing rejection and learning from feedback our closing rates have gone up 10%! 

We get it, rejection is painful and it is hard to not take it personally yet, when you flip it and embrace an opportunity to make yourself and your business better you will learn to approach rejection with a welcome hand. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but it also doesn’t happen without feedback. Believing you will be successful in your own bubble and not willing to learn from mistakes will keep your business stagnant.. which means it is not moving forward, which means you are not making more money, which means you are not truly reaching your full potential. 

So embrace rejection like an old friend and learn from it to make your business stronger, better, and built to endure.