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Articles to help female entrepreneurs navigate the trepid waters of entrepreneurship. You can find advise from how to increase your productivity to figuring out if rebranding is something you should consider! Take a gander. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Discovering your “Why” and your Brand


Running a business is pretty dang hard and there are so many valleys and peaks in the life of an entrepreneur, however, understanding your “why” will help you get through those valleys. Your “Why” is the reason you started your business, and when you answer that, ask why again, it takes about 3 rounds of this questioning to truly get to the heart of why you are pulling the all nighters, not washing your hair, and febreezing your clothes (if you are past this stage, congrats!) This is the time to really be honest with yourself and discover this reason.

Discovering your “Why” is fuel for you and your business when you are in those valleys. Your Why can help dictate your brands direction, the way you approach people, the way you sell yourself and your services/products. People will connect to this “Why” and to you, this is the essence of your brand.

Your brand is not your logo or your instagram grid. Read more about what your brand is here. Which is why having this “Why” figured out is so crucial to helping you succeed and help you launch your business. This is something to keep in front of you when you start to doubt yourself, or that nasty thing called fear pops its ugly head, or when you start to compare yourself to others. Your Why is the reason you keep pushing through, and do not take failure as the answer, the reason you cannot be like those other people because their Why is different. Unearthing the thing that makes your business tick will help you free yourself from fear and allow you to grow your business because there is meaning behind it. It is not just a thing to make money, or only work when you want, there is a real reason you are going through this.