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Why We Design Websites in Squarespace


Designing websites on Squarespace is how we keep client websites up to date and mobile friendly long after we’ve designed them. A question we see pop up among small businesses is “Where should I design my website?” and the answer to that question can be quite complex. It truly depends on what functions you need your site to have. 

However, in recent years Squarespace keeps upping the ante and adding integrations to truly help their growing audience and their customer service is top notch, which is one of the reasons we use them for almost every website we design for our clients. Let us explain reasons why we prefer Squarespace as opposed to its competitors Wordpress, Wix, and others. 

1- Squarespace is intuitive, which means that after we design the site you can go in and swap out photos to keep your site fresh, or fix a typo, or add an event to your calendar and even add blog content without needing us for every little thing, which saves you money in the end. 

2- Squarespace keeps adding integrations which makes running a small business easy. They integrate with apps such as Accuity, Calendy, etc so potential clients can book you without needing to call you or email you. 

3- Squarespace doesn’t use plugins like Wordpress, which means you do not have as much control as you typically would with Wordpress but it also means less things to break along the years of usage. Squarespace is all in one and updates automatically so you don’t have to worry about broken links, lost images, or certain pages just vanishing. Big plus! 

4- Squarespace keeps mobile use in mind! With over 40% of users surfing the web on mobile devices ensuring that your site is mobile friendly is crucial in today’s age. The last thing you would want is someone clicking off your site because it took too long to load or was a bit clunky on their iPhone.

5- Squarespace has SEO builtin as well as analytics so you can edit that all in one spot and keep an eye on your analytics though an app on your phone. They also integrate with google analytics so you are covered on all basis. 

We love using Squarespace to design websites because we like making things easier for our clients, most small businesses do not need all the plugins and development from a Wordpress site so why pay extra for that? Now if your business is needing some complexities let us know, as part of a Squarespace Circles Lab member we get the insider scoop of things coming and can see if Squarespace is a right fit for you and your company. Book a call with us today!