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Cut It Forward, Changing the World!


I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and non-profit workers in my family. So when I decided to start a for profit business, Nuevo Studio, I was going against the grain.. kind of. But life is funny and callings have a way of coming back to get you no matter what direction you go down. 

I was walking into a meeting this past summer to pitch our work to be a potential designer for a local district in Oklahoma City. I was nervous, I had never pitched myself to a board of directors or this many people before. I’m more of the lets talk over coffee and become bff’s before I even touch your branding project kind of business gal. So here I am part of all these movers and shakers in town and just counting my blessings at how amazing it was to even be asked to sit in this room. 

Little did I know I was sitting next to a woman who was already scheming on how to fix a problem she saw in our society. After my presentation she asked for my card, and like an idiot I didn’t have one on me, talk about cobbler with no shoes. I gave her my number and my email and hoped for the best. I mean, how many times have you given your contact info out and how many times have you been contacted? It’s a slim chance. Well, I got a text that night from her wanting to meet up for coffee to discuss this new thing she was wanting to start with one of her friends. Two days later there I am crying in the middle of a local coffee shop. 

Vanessa Morris, was that woman sitting next to me, and now she was sitting in front of me talking about her new venture, Cut It Forward. She was starting a new non-profit with her friend and colleague, Brondalyn Coleman. Cut it forward was an idea that had been stirring for years in these women’s minds, a non-profit bringing skin care and hair care to African-Americas foster children. They had statistics! African-American children are least likely to get adopted because of the skin and hair barrier! WHAT?!?! How is this possible? Is all that I am thinking. Vanessa explained to me that the products needed for African American hair and skin were considered “luxury items” for shelters, foster pantries, etc. So their mission is to bring these “luxury items” and make the available to these kids. Are you crying yet? Because I am!

Identity Suite Designed for Cut It Forward

Identity Suite Designed for Cut It Forward

That isn’t even the only thing they are doing. They know that hair is part of the African-American culture and they are creating a program for barbers and salons to pass a certification to ensure they are available to work with these youth as well as providing an open space where their parents of other ethnicities can feel comfortable. Cut it forward is developing educational pamphlets that will be available to download from their website,, so that youth or parents can find the materials they need. 


It’s amazing to see how things find you. I escaped and started a for profit business yet I end up being able to help all these non-profits accomplish their mission. If you wish to donate to this non-profit, please click here. You can even help them when you shop with amazon! They are part of the amazon smile charities foundation. Click here select Cut It Forward, and then continue shopping! 


Nuevo studio was so honored to have been able to develop the branding for such an amazing team and wonderful non-profit that is taking down that hair and skin barrier one brick at a time.

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