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How to Handle Criticism


Handling criticism is not an easy thing to learn and can be taken personally by many. However, I am here to tell you that criticism is great for you and your business. Now the major key to doing this is knowing the intention behind the criticism. This is vital.

Knowing if criticism is coming from a good place, a place where the person is wanting you to grow and get better is what you are looking for, if the person is just talking smack, this is just straight up gossip. The sooner you learn to ignore the people that are just trying to bring you down and not see you succeed the faster you will grow. Also, understanding that not everyone is your best friend and you are not everyone’s cup of tea is essential, especially the bigger you grow. People don’t like being overshadowed or feeling small but that is not your problem. Repeat it again, that is not your problem. That is theirs. So their criticism is just toxic to you and your business. 

However, when you find those gems that truly want to see you expand and see you soar are the people to listen to… sometimes. As you continue to grow your business you will start developing a gut instinct.. and this comes from hard lessons learned. Now we know grandma means well and truly wants to just see you happy but she may not really get the struggle that you are trying to push through or may not be a visionary to see what you are after. Learning to accept all criticism and developing your filter of when to take it and when to just thank the person and move one and trust your gut will take time. But being closed off to all criticism or tuning it out completely will help your business stay stagnant. 

I started being candid with certain people in my industry about my work to truly receive feedback on how to get better, and reached out to communities online to learn from them about the business stuff of running a business. Understanding that I may not have it all right and being open to suggestions or new points of view has truly helped me expand my business and has essentially added rocket fuel to my growth. 

Once you start accepting it and filter what you need and don’t need your gut instinct becomes stronger, which in turn gives you more confidence when selling yourself and your business which is how you make money! Hello! We all want to make money, I mean I’m not staying up past 1am daily because it looks cute.