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Colors and Your Brand


One of the biggest mistakes we see businesses do with their brand is breaking their own rules… especially if they are beginning. What we mean by that is that constantly changing the colors of your logo or your brand in general, or the typefaces you use can be causing you more damage than you think. Sure, you think the color is pretty and goes with your instagram photo but overtime you will be breaking your brand up so much that it will look all over the place. A great brand has the 3 C’s. You can read more about that here. 

By breaking the rules and looking a bit all over the place, you look like you don’t have it together. Which in the end deems you untrustworthy to a potential client. As a business you never even want to have an ounce of trust issues with your clients. 

If you are just starting out and are creating your own branding to get you going try to develop some rules and think about your decisions. Color is a powerful tool in your branding as it can evoke a feeling without using a single word. For example if you saw a red hexagon your brain would automatically think stop, if you saw red, yellow, and green circles you would think traffic light, if you saw a red bullseye you would probably think of Target, etc. Color has a major impact on how the viewers perceive things. Color also has a lot of psychology behind it. 

When selecting colors ensure you are asking yourself questions like: “Will my audience resonate with this?” “What does this color represent?” “Am I choosing this color because its my favorite color or is it truly communicating what I need to say?” I would highly advise not choosing colors and fonts simply because they are your favorite but truly considering who your target audience is. Another tip is to keep your brand colors to 3 or maybe even 4 as long as one is a neutral between them all. Having too many colors can make your audience confused and not really know what you are trying to do, which again can cause a seed of doubt.