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What Color Says + Means for your Brand


Remember when you were a little kid and your answer to the question “What is your favorite color” practically defined you? Lime green for life! Not really but I was pretty hardcore about my lime green mania. I even had the lime green see through phone. You know! 

Well.. the color of your brand has similar effects with people. People have strong associations with color and subconsciously colors mean different things. So when we, Nuevo Studio, develop brands we take color very seriously. We always refer back to our creative brief (to read more about what this is, read here) to ensure the colors we select are truly staying on target with your goal as a business. 

So let’s dive a bit deeper into this color thing. 

Typically banks and larger corporations that want to instill trust and loyalty use the color blue. Think Chase Bank, Walmart, Ford, Dell, Visa, Bank of America, the list goes on. Typically these businesses are wanting loyalty as well as to instill a feeling of trust and stability with their target audience. Blue is associated with words like wisdom, confidence, intelligence, stability, truth, and heaven. 

Companies that come off as fun or communicative typically use the color orange in their branding as this represents the color of communication and joy. Think to examples such as Fanta, AT&T, FedEx, nickelodeon, blogger, etc. The color Orange mixes the energy from red and the happiness often associated with yellow to feel high energy, creativity, success, and encouragement. 

Colors can also represent feelings we have associated with that color. Think of green, sayings such as “green with jealousy” or “green thumb” can have negative connotation, now if your branding is green, do not freak out because it also has great feelings associated, green typically represents eco friendly, Mother Nature, clean, growth, etc. Think of companies such as Starbucks, animal planet, Whole Foods, and Spotify their greens are all different shades but have an established feeling or an energetic one (see Spotify)