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Graphic Design Articles by Nuevo Studio. We will cover the basis of the need of design and why hiring the right designer is important!

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Nine Ways to Avoid Burnout + How to Deal With It!

Guess what? People don’t have it all figured out and all entrepreneurs have suffered from burnout one way or another, and if they say the haven’t they’re either A– Not really hustling. Or B– Lying to your face.

But seriously burnout can creep up on you.. and it can be a swift and may even be a lethal blow to you and your company. This doesn’t only apply to “creative” jobs, everybody’s job is creative. Problem solving is creativity. 

So what happens when that creativity is just *Poof! Gone!* Commence rocking in the corner. 

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Top 5 Tips To Be Productive When You Work From Home

So you’ve handed in your resignation and are working from home. Dreams do come true! You’re your own boss and you’re setting up your own hours! Or maybe you’ve proven your worth at your current place and you can work remotely! Hello, grocery shopping on Tuesday when the store is empty, yes to sweatpants and couch offices! It’s all a dream for the first week, but then you start to notice your to-do list is growing at an alarming rate and your productivity has dropped at an even scarier pace… YIKES!

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Why Traveling is a Key Value to Our Company

To be successful in business, design, or whatever you set your mind to you need to have a balance of ego and humility. Be willing to learn new things and not take everything at face value, to learn from others and see things in different lights. Traveling does that for us, which is why it is such a major part of the Nuevo Studio philosophy.

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