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This Shifted My Business to Grow 25% in the First Few Months!


There are a ton of podcasts (read my faves here), books, bloggers, inspirational talkers, conferences, and so much more that talk about mindset. From money mindset (which I’m still working on), to goal setting, to fitness. Yet the biggest shift for my business wasn’t either of those. 

I remember driving from my office back home to drop the little shop dog off at home before running to my next client meeting and was listening to a podcast and right now I cannot remember which one it was but it changed my life. I had to hear the whole episode again. 

While money mindset and setting goals is major and learning to scale your business and figuring out how to hire are big things to grow your business. This is the sentence that shifted everything for Nuevo Studio.

“Stop thinking of yourself as an employee, and start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur.”

While I know that sounds obvious. It hadn’t occurred to me. Yes, I was working long hours and felt like I was in rut and essentially felt like I was climbing up a mountain through the mud in a rain storm to grow my business, essentially I was going nowhere. We had consistent clients but we couldn’t grow past our monthly revenue. I had been thinking of myself as an employee. I was doing the work, putting in the hours and expecting a boss to come and pat me on the back, give me a gold star, and a ton of money. As I sat in my car I remember I had to pull over and write that sentence down in my sketchbook. 

Now you may be wondering what that even meant, and this is what changed for me and Nuevo Studio. I buckled down and asked for help. I released the reigns on design, and allowed our amazing designer, Lauren, to take the roll of lead designer. I stepped into creative director. This meant I had more time for client meetings, more time to work on collaborations, more time to focus on building client relationships, more time to write these articles for you, more time to create social media content, more time to develop case studies, more time to enhance our systems, in the end I had more time to work on the business rather than in it. Read more tips here.

This was not easy, and I racked my brain and felt guilty. Lauren had to essentially look at my to do list and take stuff off of it and do it herself. We then developed system so she could do that but I could still ensure the quality before it went to a client, this meant we needed to have thorough brainstorming sessions before starting to work, this meant I had to really tweak our on boarding process.

Since having this shift we have increased our sales by 25% in two months. Which is huge. I have had more time to read and figure out how to develop company culture. I am now keen on celebrating the small wins with the team and not just sludge through work. Changing this mindset shifted a lot in my business and it was incredibly scary and a bit risky and so far we are loving it. I hope this wisdom helps you shift your mindset into a growing gear for your business!

What have been your business changing moments? Share in the comments!