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Articles to help female entrepreneurs navigate the trepid waters of entrepreneurship. You can find advise from how to increase your productivity to figuring out if rebranding is something you should consider! Take a gander. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We Want To Be Your Business Bestie!


Running a business is more than a full time job, constantly listening to podcasts, reading blogs, pouring over your to-do list, waking up in the middle of the night with sweat because you missed a deadline, the list goes on. Being an entrepreneur is tough and there are plenty of hats to go around. We all need some support! So why me? Not only do I know what keeps you up at night, because its probably what keeps me up at night, but I want to be your business bestie because I started this business wanting to help female entrepreneurs! I have a skill that your business needs and have the direct, no bs attitude to ensure you look your best. You wouldn’t walk around in jeans that were ill-fitting, so why are you walking around with design that is unflattering to you and your business.

Back when I was doing some side freelancing, I met a future client for coffee as I was sitting across from her she was telling me that this was her third interview with a designer. At first I was thinking, “Man, this lady is super thorough!” But when I asked her why the other two hadn’t worked out she said something that truly broke my heart, something along the lines of “The last person I talked to was an account manager for a small design firm, he stood me up and took forever to answer my emails. I just got the impression that I was not taken seriously as a business owner because of my industry and because I am a woman.” At first I was confused why a small business would blow off a potential client and then I was pretty excited because that meant I got to work with this client, and she was amazing to work with!

Later that nagging thought of women not being taken seriously by other small businesses was really starting to irk me. I obsessed over it… and then I realized I had been witnessing this happen in multiple scenarios. From the impromptu meetings I would overhear at Starbucks, my previous jobs where female businesses weren’t prominent or taken with the same urgency as other clients, even how people had treated me, myself being talked over in meetings, when I was interviewing CPA’s I wasn’t taken seriously and I was thought of as “cute” for trying to start my own business. I realized this is something that happens all the time and that women just deal with, like other little things that we tend to just “put up with.” But this is business… business is serious. And I got mad. I mean… really mad. 

So I did something about it. I started Nuevo Studio, a boutique design studio that focuses on working with female owned businesses, primarily female run organizations, and non-profits that benefit minorities. So I got your back. I do take you seriously. I do not think what you do is “cute” or “easy” or “adorable” What you do is badass, life changing, breaking barriers, and revolutionary. And I want to be part of it. I’m tired of having female businesses being thought of as second rate, so I want your business to look top of the line.

Now, why do you want me to be part of your world changing idea? Because I will tell you how it is. I will be your business bestie. At Nuevo Studio we don’t design things to look cool or win an award (though we do love winning), you and your target audience comes first. Our philosophy is that design should always be concept based, there should be reason behind each decision and each decision made is with your target audience in mind. We know that small female owned business are radical and can change future generations and break these gender role stereotypes and we want in!

So what ya say? Wanna be business besties? Click here to book your free discovery call to see if we are the right fit!

Also, if you’re in OKC I never say no to a wine business date. :)

— Naoma