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Branding + Logo + Visual Identity, What is the Real Difference


Branding and Logos get swapped out like they are one and the same and I am here to tell you that that couldn’t be further from the truth. So let me break it down.

Branding is the whole essence of you and your business. Its this intangible feeling people get when they interact with you and your business. Typically this is fueled by your “Why” (read more about that here) 

Logo is the tangible face of that feeling. It is part of the visual identity of your business, something people associate to you. Your logo is not your whole brand. Right? Like your hair is not all of you. 

Visual Identity is all the elements and how they interact together to create a visual language of your brand. This is what your brand feels like translated to visuals. Which is why having a strong brand positioning or creative brief is so crucial when developing a brand. 

Now, you may be asking what is a brand position? A brand position is a document that we create that translates your brands essence into the goals it needs to accomplish. Which is why having your “Why” figured out is great for this. This document takes your essence and creates a guide for us to develop visuals. I like to call ourselves visual translators. Our job is to take that essence and create it tangible so people will recognize it and begin developing a loyalty to that brand. 

Once you understand this you can see why having your logo look like Suzy Q’s off of Etsy is actually harming your brand. Because you are trying to make your essence something it is not. We believe in meaningful design that uses strategy and well thought-out processes when it comes to developing your businesses brand. Read more about our branding processes here. 

There is a major difference between branding and logo work, one is a tiny part of a large puzzle. So let’s get that code cracking! Book a discovery call here!