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Three Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Website


If you own a business no matter how big or small you need a website. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, you can outsource the creation or DIY. No matter the route you go there are some common errors we have come across and are here to help guide you! In today’s age of infinite scrolling and curated grided feeds, you truly only have one shot to make a good impression and your website can either help you accomplish that or it can make people move on to the next site, which is exactly what we don’t want!


Not having a custom domain name. If your website is something along the lines of or, this tells consumers that you may not be 100% serious about your business. Buying a domain is very simple, I highly recommend to purchase your domain. This is the easiest way to make a great impression. We recommend thinking of something short and memorable when it comes to domains. Example, if our agency was called Nuevo Studio Branding Adventurers, thats a bit too long to be a domain, but keeping it to keeps it simple. Don’t try to over complicate it. Another tip here is if your business ends in plural example: Henry & Sons we suggest you purchase the domain and Remember you can have two domains point to the same website for these instances.


Your website may look like a dream come true on your laptop or even tablet but when you look it at it on your phone it looks a little less than perfect.. maybe even straight up hot mess express. This is truly a huge mistake when it comes to your website. With technology advancing and being able to almost everything with our mobiles it is crucial to ensure your website looks spick and span on mobile too! 


This one may not come off as much of a biggie to most people but it can really tip the scales between professional and amateur. Having images that look like they don’t belong together or do not fit your brand. The photos you use on your website are just as important as the content that people read. The last thing you want is for the images to be pixelated (the horror) or even worse yet be stolen. As we mentioned, today’s society has become used to curating beautiful galleries to showcase their work or services and this should not be something to take lightly. A professional headshot rather than your selfie in the car will make you look like you know what you are doing and builds trust with viewers. 

So if you are in the mix of starting a website or refreshing your current website keep these three things in mind. If you still fee a bit lost after this list we also offer consultations! We want to make you look your best and to instill trust with your clients and potential clients and your website is a perfect place to truly showcase that.