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Aguilar Kennedye - Branding

Nuevo Studio designed the branding and visual identity for Aguilar Kennedye Law Firm in Oklahoma City. Creating a logo for this amazing immigration attorney was amazing. The eagle is a symbol of her last name, Aguilar, and holding the olive branch represents peace. The combination of the two represents the freedom of what it feels like to be a US Citizen.


aguilar kennedye law

Aguilar Kennedye Law is an immigration firm based in Oklahoma City. Anakaren strives to help families and individuals find freedom in their new home. She understand the latin culture as well as the American one, thus making her one of the best attorneys to help her clients.


The Solution

We developed a new logo that's modern and readable. The insignia of an Eagle with the olive branch represents the freedom and peace she helps families find, it is also a hint to her last name “Aguilar.” Using a clean and modern typeface such as Neutraface creates and openness and strength however, when paired with Mrs. Eaves italic it is a nod to her gentle nature and her nurturing character which helps her clients find freedom in their new home.

The Objective

Aguilar Kennedye Law came to Nuevo Studio in need of a brand that truly represented her and made her stand out from the competition. Her experience with the latin culture and her ability to navigate the legal system puts her at the top of her game. Creating a brand that combined these aspects of knowledge and willingness to help and her understanding of families and their needs was a must that needed to be showcased.