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A Pearl Event - Branding

A Pearl Event is a wedding coordinator that does both traditional and culturally specific weddings. A Pearl Event represents something different, unique and caters to each bride and her traditions. Our client wanted a brand that could effectively reach a wide variety of clients, while still allowing her personality to shine through. 


a pearl event

A Pearl Event was in need of a branding suite for their new venture in cultural wedding planning. Mary Smith and her team focus on culturally traditional ceremonies and mixing them with westernized weddings. Being a planner that can represent multiple cultures in such a special day was the main driver behind A Pearl Event.


The Objective

To develop a branding system that would attract their target audience, couples planning traditional and culturally traditional ceremonies and weddings. Keeping in mind that the majority of these couples are young but want to feel like they are in good hands. Developing a simple, yet elegant website to allow potential clients to find out more about A Pearl Event, as well as their arsenal of services.

The Solution

Nuevo Studio designed a branding suite to match the delicate and beautiful side of this industry. We created a custom typeface to utilize, this can be seen in the “Pearl” the “P” plays off of an infinity symbol + a heart to represent unions of love. Nuevo Studio designed a website that offered Mary and her team everything they could need to help attract potential clients as well as showcasing their best work.